Confalone, tradition and quality for over 70 years

Seventy years ago, when mobile phones did not exist and no one had ever seen a computer, our lives, cities, homes were completely different; however, Confalone was already in the homes of the Romans.

Confalone was a synonym of solid and durable furnishing products made in the traditional way but with affordable prices for families.

Since then this historic furniture brand has never ceased to succeed and to be chosen for its reliability, design and value for money.

The consent and trust of the public have allowed this company to grow steadily and to refine the production process by blending tradition with the latest technology. Today Confalone is a brand that is recognized as a benchmark in the industry. In our six outlets across the capital, the range of products is much wider and, above all, all products can be customized according to the clientele’s need requirements. Prices are affordable even for nowadays families thanks to the ongoing possibility of zero-interest loans and frequent promotions.

The quality has been the trademark of Confalone and the manufacturing still takes place entirely in Italy in compliance with the "Made in Italy" craftsmanship.