Manufacturing quality sofas requires experience, precision, careful selection of materials, innovation and passion. For over 50 years our company has been committed to each of these factors which have been respected and perfected throughout time. Our product is made entirely in Italy, in accordance with the "Made in Italy" craftsmanship. The concept of flexibility is a cornerstone of our philosophy. Customers are free to realize their own sofa by choosing from more than a thousand fabrics available in our samples. We handle only the best Italian leathers and give our customers the opportunity to customize the product, even in the measures, by listening to the individual preferences and needs.
The production of beds adopts the same characteristics of our line of sofas. The bed frames are fully removable and equipped with mechanism; they also offer spacious and solid storage. The customer can choose the measures, from standard single to queen bed, and from standard double to king size double bed, as well as customizing their own bed upon request. We offer our customers three types of mattresses: orthopedic spring, latex and memory foam. Our line of mattresses are also made to measure.



Our company is constantly looking for new and exclusive products. Over the years we have established direct business relationships with the most prestigious international artisans in the industry. This allows us to offer collections from distant countries such as Mongolia, Tibet and Indonesia, unique countries in terms of furniture. A reality now permanently present in our stores is the Provence collection, timeless furniture all made entirely of solid wood. We do not use and never have used intermediaries, allowing customers to buy products from every corner of the world at affordable prices.
Buying a Confalone wardrobe means choosing a 100% Italian product. Only the highest quality materials and components are used in line with the highest quality standards. The customer is free to choose amongst sliding or double doors, all made to measure. Customers can select the type of finish and color, opting also for glass doors. We offer a very large accessories catalogue for the choice of interior decor. Our qualified staff is available to assist and follow the customer step by step in the design and implementation of any compositional solution. Products


and wall units

Hundreds of solutions to furnish your living room. Custom-made solutions too and everything rigorously made in Italy.
Design, quality and functionality are the three characteristics of our kitchens. Modular solutions that adapt to space and needs. We can design kitchens for all needs, starting from entry level compositions to high-end projects, always using high-quality materials and aesthetic taste. We invite you to visit the extensive display of kitchens at our store in Via dei Prati Fiscali 188/192 Rome, where our staff will assist you in the planning and realization of your kitchen.


Confalone's Children’s bedroom